Participants can register to paint a masterpiece alone or with a friend. For a modest registration fee (local and regional sponsors help keep the cost affordable for all), participants receive an assigned 5 foot by 5 foot square on the street, and an event bag containing all the supplies needed to paint: a primary color water based tempera paint set plus black and white, one narrow brush for lining and one wide brush for filling, chalk for sketching, cups, stirrers and instructions for mixing colors, a logo T-shirt (a new logo is developed each year), and giveaway goodies from sponsors. Pre-registration is advised with a deadline approximately one day before the event. Registrations at a slightly higher fee are accepted the day of the event and during the event as “walk-ons”. All registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional Registering Information

Multiple participants must register together to reserve adjacent squares. Squares purchased for multiple names will need to be picked up under the purchasers’ name.

Only one t-shirt and bag of supplies per each purchased square.

You can “request” a section to be in (please see for square layout below). We try ourbest to accommodate everyone, but please note that early registration is important to “request” a specific area. This is a first come first request basis.

NEW last year – We are adding a two locations where we are trying out circles instead of squares on the road to paint. Limited number available. You can register online to select these. Called out on the map below in red.


Register NOW!

If you have an problems paying online please email us at


1. CLICK here to pay online

Pick your exact square location! Square/Ticket: $20.00 before 11:59 PM, Friday, September 15, 2023. After 11:59 PM the price will increase to $25 per person and you must pay in person at the event.

MUST USE a DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer to select squares. If having problems see below.


2. Download and pay in person

Before 4:00 PM, Thursday, September 14, 2022

Square/Ticket: $20 per square/ticket

City of Morrison

200 West Main Street

Morrison, IL 61270


3. Download and pay by mail

Must be received no later than Thursday,

September 14, 2022.

Square/Ticket: $20 per square/ticket


P.O. Box 45

Morrison, IL 61270

Troubleshooting online registration

MUST USE a DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer to select squares. 

If using Internet Explorer, make sure it is up to date to work properly. If not updated it will not allow you to enter names of painter or shirt sizes. If it does this,  you need to update Internet Explorer or install the internet browser Chrome

!!!!!  This app is not mobile phone compatible. It will not let you pick your squares. It will assign them and you can not change them. 

If you are still having troubles, please email or call/text Amanda 630-605-5329. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


5×5 ft square

paint – primary colors & black & white

narrow brush

wide brush




instructions on mixing

plate for mixing


water basin located near squares

free giveaway goodies


towel/pad to sit on




camping chair


paint roller